The Benefits Of Custom Kitchen Cabinets

by | Jan 6, 2017 | Home Remodeling


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Even though kitchen cabinets are only boxes with doors, they are the focal point of any kitchen and as such should be given the attention they deserve. Kitchen cabinets, because they represent a significant investment should be built to last. There are plenty of less expensive alternatives from big-box stores but the truth is; there is no better value for money than custom kitchen cabinets in Chicago.

Custom kitchen cabinets are built to precisely fit your kitchen, they are not factory made and then “tweaked” during installation.

There are a number of genuine benefits to custom kitchen cabinets:

Built to last:

Custom kitchen cabinets in Chicago are made by highly skilled craftsmen; one at a time, they are not manufactured on a high speed assembly line in a factory. Custom cabinets use the best of materials and workmanship. There are considerable differences between custom cabinets and stock cabinets:

*   Custom cabinets use plywood for the carcass, stock cabinets use chip board

*   Custom cabinet joints are dovetail or mortise and tenon, stock cabinet joints are nailed or glued

*   Corner brackets on custom cabinets are wooden blocks, on stock cabinets they are plastic parts stapled to the box.

Built to suit your style and the specific shape of your kitchen:

Custom cabinets reflect the personality of the homeowner; his or her cooking style and habits, storage demands and design preferences. Stock cabinets are made for the “average” homeowner; they may work well for some people, but certainly not all.

If your kitchen layout is such that there are odd angles or the room is an odd shape, custom cabinets can be produced to suit.

Material choices:

It is your choice; what wood do you want, what hardware do you want; what finish do you want? With stock cabinets your choices are either none at all or very limited. It is often the details that make a kitchen truly yours.

Custom kitchen cabinets in Chicago make a world of difference in the beauty and efficiency of one of the busiest rooms in your home. You are invited to discuss your expectations with the experts at Chicago Custom Kitchens.