What are Some of the Latest Trends in Custom Cabinets Carlsbad Products?

by | Apr 17, 2013 | Home Improvement, Kitchen Improvements


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When you are choosing to have custom cabinets made for your home, kitchen or office, it’s important to know what design you’re looking for. Many people are looking for trendy styles that are popular. Here are some of the current trends that you may want to look into when you decide to hire a custom cabinets Carlsbad specialist to build your next set for your home or office.

Fewer Wall Cabinets
When having cabinets made for your kitchen, more and more homeowners are choosing to have fewer wall cabinets. They are opting for a more open space in their kitchen and the wall cabinets simply stifle that airy atmosphere. In place of the wall cabinets, they are choosing to depend more on long cabinets like pantries and base cabinets. This is especially important if you have windows in your kitchen with natural light that you don’t want to have blocked.

Expand the Hardware
The interior of your cabinets is just as important as the exterior. That means that you should pay close attention to the hardware that you install on the drawers and cabinet doors. More homeowners are focusing their efforts on the hardware – both exterior and interior – to make their cabinets more enjoyable. Do you have cabinet drawers right now that don’t pull out smoothly? Do they tend to slam when you push them back in? That’s just one example of how hardware can make a major difference in your custom cabinets. Spend a little extra on the hardware and mechanisms for your cabinets to get maximum enjoyment out of them for years to come.

Cherry is Always Popular
While getting cherry wood or cherry veneer on your cabinets isn’t a new trend, it’s something that is always popular regardless of the time period. Cherry is the favored species of wood, according to several experts in the custom cabinetry industry. As such, it’s also timeless. You could choose to have your custom cabinets made with a cherry exterior and your guests 30 years from now will still be impressed at the way it looks.

Add Some Style
Gone are the days when plain cabinets were the trend. Today’s cabinets are getting decorated and having some style added to them. Homeowners are tired of the plain cabinets they grew up with and they want to add embellishments to theirs like crown molding, stylish hardware and more. They want their custom cabinets Carlsbad expert to spruce up their cabinets and make them a part of the kitchen’s décor rather than just something that’s functional and practical.