What Every Home Owner should know about Termites

by | Oct 8, 2014 | Pest Control


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Australian homes are vulnerable to termite infestation. It is important to understand how they can infest your home as well as ways to protect your home from an infestation. There are also treatments for your home should you find you do have an infestation. Here is what every home owner should know about termites.

Prevention with Physical Barriers

First and foremost your best bet is to try to prevent access to your home. There are a number of barriers that can be used to deter termites from entering your home as well as products that can force termites out so you can see them. Physical barriers are added during new construction. There are also ways to add barriers in older homes. The most common placements include barriers under concrete slabs as well as in wall cavities and beneath foundations. There are some products you can use and apply yourself. However for the best results you really want to speak to a termite control expert.  The physical barriers used are made from materials that termites will not be able to chew. This would include crushed rock or metal. There is also a need for attention to gaps which will allow them to penetrate your home. Ant caps are also available and are installed at the top of underfloor piers. They can also be applied to stumps which will cause termites to have to come out of their homes so you can find them. These work well as you can then have annual inspections to detect termite activity.

Prevention with Chemical barriers

Insecticides create barriers when used on foundations as well as under concrete slabs and others vulnerable areas on your property. Termite control experts might use either in-soil or in-plastics applications. Chemicals can be placed on soil around your home or plastic sheets with chemicals can be installed in the same areas you would use physical barriers.

Consideration for Prevention and Protection

A termite control company will consider important aspects of your home’s construction including:

  • The construction of your home such as suspended floors or slab on ground
  • Types of materials and soils
  • Slopes on the property
  • The size of the home and the block
  • Year your home was built

The final consideration is where you live. With so many varied temperatures your home’s location will dictate what control methods will work. Your termite control expert can help you find the approach that will work best for your home.

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