Knowing When a Water Heater Has Passed Its Prime

by | Oct 10, 2014 | Plumbing


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A problem with your water heater can easily go unnoticed, that is however until your basement is full of water or you end up with no use of any hot water in your house. A problem with your water heater can easily be detected if you know what to look for. The best way to avoid early replacement of a water heater is to keep it well maintained; this can bring your water heaters life span from a mere 5 years to a possible 13 to even 15+ years. This also means that keeping your system well maintained will make it easier to decipher when the next replacement of your water heater may be. There is really nothing you can do to avoid this so having a trusted professional you can look to is just an option you can’t beat. Also, be aware that in some cases, certain water heater parts can be replaced without the whole tank having to be which of course is much cheaper.

Signs Your Water Heater May Be Coming To the End of Its Life

It is best to be prepared for your water heaters inevitable demise so that it does not become messy or inconvenience. One sure fire way to tell that your water heater is done is finding water around the tank. This means that a hole has sprung in your tank which cannot be repaired. It should be noted that this is generally called by build ups and rust which is a big reason that speaks to the importance of maintenance. The positive thing for people who purchase new tanks is that they have been created with a much more durable design so that this will be less of an issue. When purchasing your new water tank you can also consider alternatives such as solar powered water heaters. Consulting a professional is something to consider before making any plans with this option.

Hire a Professional to Replace Your Water Heater in Naples

If you are looking to get repair or to replace your water heater in Naples, you will want to be sure that you are getting the best professional help available from a customer service, warranty, and pricing perspective. The right water heater company will mean that your water heater can easily last years without having to bring in another professional. Weed out the good eggs from the bad by reading reviews and talking to knowledgeable people around Naples about water heaters.