Commercial Pavement Maintenance

by | Apr 16, 2013 | Landscaping


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If you have a parking lot, drive through, pavement, or special surface that is used on a daily basis it will need some maintenance, other than sweeping and cleaning. There are companies that do seal coatings, specialty coatings for tracks, courts, and playgrounds. These same companies also do crack repair, line markings, seal coatings, and patching.

If you have a skate park, rink, or commercial parking lot you will want to have them in good condition so they are safe and slip free. This will keep the public coming to your facilities. Even parking decks, and lots that people may pay on a daily, monthly, or annual basis benefit from pavement maintenance.

Sealing and coating your asphalt can double its life. Damage from oxidation, sun, rain, snow, ice, ice melt chemicals, salt, and gritty or oily spills can harm unsealed or not maintained surfaces. If you are looking online or in a phone book for a commercial business that does this type of work you may search for Pavement Maintenance South Shore, MA. Some companies that do this type of work only do them commercially, except for specialty coatings for a garage, etc.

Parking lots at malls, stores and shopping centers see a lot of use and can get dirty, damaged, and worn. Striping lines and sealers or other coatings can keep them looking dark and new longer. Companies like ones found for Pavement Maintenance South Shore MA also can handle large jobs and make it look easy.

Going through a step by step process of cleaning, repairing, sealing, striping lines and coating your surfaces will help keep them looking new and more customers wanting to come to your business more often. Parking lots that have potholes, cracks, deep gouges or grooves, can damage tires and other equipment. This can lead to further expenses in repairs and claims to your insurance.

Companies that have years of experience stand by their commitment to honest work, and give the highest quality workmanship will make you want to have them be the only ones to work for you. Look into having your pavement or asphalt seal coated today. Sealed and coated pavement is also easier to clean, and last longer.