Looking at Alarm Systems in Washington State

8698364_lWhen looking at alarm systems anywhere, the first thing to think about is “what is its function”? Obviously, this is “to raise the alarm”. That leads to how does it do that, why, when and how?


Colloquially, we still talk about “ringing the alarm bell” but, we have come a long way from the days when shopkeepers had a mechanical device attached to their shop doors that was tripped whenever someone opened the door so that a hammer hit a metal dome shaped similarly to the bell that is rung at boxing matches (some even used little hand bells that really did jingle).

The first changes came with electricity so that opening the door also closed a circuit and electricity activated the bell’s striker; later, the mechanical bell was also replaced by a buzzer. Alarms of this type are even in use today but, ever advancing technology has given birth to a wholly different way for us to obtain an early warning that something has or is happening.

Miniaturization, silicon chips, wireless connections, video, infra red and even laser beams; they have all played a part in revolutionizing the Alarm Systems In Washington State and elsewhere. Technology not only allows us to detect movement where there should not be any but it can also differentiate between different causes for that movement – useful because, if our cat triggers the alarm every hour or so, that not only annoys us but can also lead to complacency in the event that (this time) there really is an unwanted intruder inside our house.

From specialist security firms like Alarm Systems Washington,  we can now have wireless sensors and cameras installed anywhere where we believe there may be a threat to our persons or our properties. Anything triggering these will be automatically relayed to a control panel on the premises which can be programmed not only for the timing of activation and de-activation but also for how it responds to the triggering. Maybe, for you, all you need is for a loud noise to be emitted but, what good is that if no one (apart from possible intruders) is around to hear it? Better to program your control panel to report all disturbances to a monitoring center that has people manning it who can assess the reason for the alarm and then take appropriate action.

With all this to hand, you have no need to be “alarmed” about living in Washington State.

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