Pros and Cons of Stone Flooring

When it comes to flooring, there are so many different options available. Understanding the pros and cons of Stone Flooring in Longmont will help you determine whether this is a viable option for you.

Pro: A Beautiful Floor

One of the main benefits of installing Stone Flooring in Longmont is the beauty of these floors. Natural stone floors can go well with almost any type of decor and improve the ambiance of your home.

Pro: Long Lasting

Another benefit of stone flooring is the fact that it can last forever. It’s very strong. It won’t need to be replaced anytime in the near future as long as you take proper care of it.

Pro: Allergy Friendly

Unlike carpet and some other types of flooring, which can trap allergens, stone helps make it easier to keep a home clean and free of allergens that could otherwise trouble residents of the home.

Pro: Can Be Suitable for Both Hot and Cold Climates

Stone tends to be naturally cool, which is great when the weather is warm. For colder climates, consider installing it over radiant heat, since stone is a very good conductor of heat.

Con: The Cost

However, stone floors tend to cost a bit more than many of the other flooring options available. Choosing a type of stone flooring that you can get locally can help minimize these costs.

Con: May Need Regular Sealing

Depending on the type of stone floor you choose, you may need to get it periodically sealed to keep it resistant to water.

Con: May Be Slippery When Wet

If you don’t get the right type of stone flooring, it may be super smooth and slippery if it gets wet. Since stone is very hard, this could lead to injuries. However, you can use a sealant that adds some texture and minimizes this problem.

Con: Stone is Heavy

This may sound obvious, but stone is heavy. A stone floor may mean the home needs extra sub-flooring to be able to handle the added weight compared to other flooring types.

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    Author: Adelfa Abril

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