5 Tips on How to Choose Carpet Cleaners

by | Dec 11, 2018 | Cleaning


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Cleaning your carpet helps you boost its service life, the Family Handyman says. You can also save on a ton of replacement costs. If you’re looking for carpet cleaning services in Lake Oswego, though, here are a few tips to help you out.

Do your homework

Start by researching your options. Look for local carpet cleaning services in Lake Oswego. That should give you a good place to start.

Check the rep

Once you have a company in your sights, find out what kind of reputation it has. If there’s a lot of negative publicity that surrounds the company, then you’ll want to check out other options. But if the company enjoys a solid and excellent reputation in the business, then that’s a good indication to proceed.

Watch out for red flags

Be on the lookout for misleading claims. For instance, does the company make impossible promises? If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. Don’t fall for those traps. Also, an experienced cleaning professional, one who’s had plenty of experience in the field, won’t have any problems guiding you through the cleaning process. But if the cleaner doesn’t seem to know where to start, much less on how to walk you through the process, then that’s a red flag. Look elsewhere for help.

Read reviews

Feedback is also a good source of information and insight about the cleaning service. Are many of the reviews positive? What kind of experience did customers have of the firm in general? That can also influence your hiring decision.

Ask for details

Find out more about the process. What kind of cleaning supplies will they use? Will these brands and products work on your carpets? Pros know what brands to use to prevent any damage. If that doesn’t seem to be the case, hire someone else.