Where to go for a Professional Bat Removal in Dublin, OH

by | Jan 17, 2018 | Animal Removal


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Bats provide important roles in the health of the environment. They are pollinators, help to spread seeds and consume thousands of insects every day. Homeowners should not try to make their entire property bat-free, but it is understandable when they want to keep bats out of their home. Many people have a fear of the creatures because they worry about rabies and the spread of other diseases. Homeowners that think they have the animals in their home need to know where to turn for Bat removal in Dublin OH.

Identify Their Presence

A quick glimpse of a shadowy figure is not enough to determine if a home is infested with bats. When a bat infestation is taking place, it is important to go to the location of the suspected nesting area and look around. Bat guano is plentiful and large enough to see easily. It is also often present around the exterior of their entry point into the home. An additional sign is a greasy mark on the siding where the bats squeeze through. Bats produce oil in the sebaceous glands of their muzzle that helps with grooming.

Contact a Professional

Bat removal in Dublin OH is difficult because the creatures are fast and agile. The entire colony must be removed to prevent their return and bat repellents are not usually effective. The animals can slip into very small openings, and their naturally quiet habits make it challenging to know if the entire colony is gone. A professional removal service understands their habits and has the capability of eliminating the problem.

Avoid Feeling Panicked

Do not panic while waiting for a removal service to arrive. Bats are not as dangerous as many people believe. Their guano can cause respiratory illnesses in humans, but there must be an extreme amount of it present and the environment must be perfectly warm and damp before there is any potential risk. The prevalence of rabies in bats is also overrated. Approximately 1 percent of the bat population is believed to have the disease.

It is possible to have some bats in a yard to control the mosquito population without welcoming them into a house. Contact a professional bat removal service to find out how to establish a control plan that helps everyone in the home feel comfortable. Check out our website to learn more about our service.