Read This Before Skunk removal in Reynoldsburg Is Needed

by | Mar 22, 2018 | Animal Removal


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While skunks have a terrible reputation, not to mention odor, they are harmless. However, a homeowner or property owner probably does not want them around just in case they get sprayed or bitten by a skunk that may have rabies. Here is a brief guide to making a property less attractive to skunks before skunk removal in Reynoldsburg ever becomes a concern.

Food Sources

Skunks are wild animals and are attracted to natural sources of food. Anything that provides even a modicum of nutrition is fair game to them. This means if there are trees in the yard that bear nuts, berries, apples, or other types of fruit, it is wise to keep the area around them clean of fallen treats for the skunks by raking on a regular basis. If there is a garden present in the yard, make sure to harvest the ripe fruits and vegetables as soon as possible to avoid tempting the skunks and inadvertently luring them to the property. Make the area under and around any bird feeders is also kept neat, clean, and free of spilled bird seed.

Take Out The Trash

Skunks are natural scavengers. Just as with raccoons, they can live on of the garbage of humans. This is why experts recommend keeping all garbage bins inaccessible to animals to avoid a potential need for Skunk removal in Reynoldsburg. Either lock the lids of the cans to the barrels with a padlock or chain or, for an even better solution, keep the cans inside a shed or garage so the smell does not attract the skunks at all. This is a surefire way to avoid having skunks destroy property or otherwise become nuisances.

Out In The Open

Skunks love places like porches or piles of wood to hide under and make their homes. If there is a porch attached to the home, seal off the bottom portion so that skunks cannot get underneath it and create havoc. If a property owner has cords of wood in the yard, it is a simple enough task to fence around the wood so that skunks and other critters can’t burrow underneath it and take up residency.

Contact us immediately if a skunk is presenting itself as a problem and it needs to be removed immediately. An experienced pest technician can respond with just the right solution.