Knowing When It’s Time to Look into Opossum Removal in Columbus OH

by | Feb 8, 2018 | Animal Removal


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Opossums are some of the strangest-looking animals found in North America, and they can be troubling in other ways, as well. Fortunately, experts at Opossum Removal in Columbus OH are always ready to help when locals run into problems with these creatures.

The Most Common Signs of an Opossum Issue

An occasional sighting of an opossum will normally be no cause for alarm, as the animals are often seen passing through yards on their way to other places. Symptoms including the following, however, could suggest that it is time to look into Opossum Removal in Columbus OH:

  • Taking up residence: Although they generally like to avoid people and their pets, opossums sometimes find homes and nearby structures attractive. Most commonly, a family of opossums will start to nest under a porch, in an attic, or somewhere similarly out of sight. Once opossums become established, encounters will be a lot more frequent, and destructive behaviors can follow, as well.
  • Scavenging: Even opossums which only live nearby can become problematic, however. As devoted scavengers, opossums are truly resourceful when it comes to finding food, and they will often return to places where they have met with success before. Stocks of pet food or other consumable items can easily end up attracting opossums again and again.
  • Conflicts with pets: Despite the fact that they are famous for playing dead once confronted, opossums sometimes end up causing trouble with dogs and cats, too. Many dogs will happily attack opossums, while cats will sometimes become frightened or even aggressive themselves. Although opossums rarely present a direct danger to pets, these encounters can easily become disruptive.

Effective Help with Opossums is Available

When any issues like these crop up, getting in touch with a local specialist like the Wildlife Control Company will always be prudent. Although opossums are typically a lot less dangerous and ill-tempered than they might look, they can be difficult to deal with for those who lack experience.

Trained professionals, on the other hand, have effective ways of removing opossums safely and without causing any associated problems in the process. That often turns out to be all that is needed to do away with an opossum problem for good.