Wildlife Control in Reynoldsburg for Safely Removing Animals That Might Have Rabies

Rabies vaccinations are available for dogs and cats, and early rabies treatment for humans is 100 percent effective after someone is bitten by a rabid animal. Of course, that doesn’t mean people feel comfortable having wild animals taking up residence on the property if those critters are particularly susceptible to this potentially deadly disease. Services for Wildlife Control in Reynoldsburg can safely remove these animals.


The skunk is an example of an animal that may carry rabies. The actual percentage of skunks that have this disease is very difficult to determine since those that are tested are evaluated for a specific reason. That reason usually is because the animal bit someone. About 25 percent of skunks tested turn out to have rabies, but the overall prevalence of this virus in the skunk population is likely to be much lower.

Healthy skunks normally do not spray or attack unless they feel threatened, so allowing one to pass through the yard should be safe. However, skunks with rabies can be vicious even when they are not provoked. They also, paradoxically, may act friendly, which can be tempting to unsuspecting humans who think the animal is cute and want to touch it.

Although healthy skunks might not cause any problems for humans and their pets, people should call for Wildlife Control in Reynoldsburg if they see signs of the building of a den or nest on their residential property. Skunks are generally mild-mannered and would prefer to avoid humans altogether, but they will be very protective of their babies. They might not attack, but spraying their obnoxious odor is a distinct possibility.


The incidence in bats is relatively low. However, bats tends to decide that buildings are cozy places to sleep. They often are discovered around a house or a commercial or institutional building. They sleep in corners of covered decks and porches and inside outbuildings. They can get into attics through roof vents. That makes it more likely that a person will get bitten by one. A service such as the Wildlife Control Company can safely remove all these animals. Visit us for information.

Author: Adelfa Abril

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